People Are Buying Homes AND GETTING MORTGAGES!

Many believe that very few houses are selling and that almost no one can get a mortgage. We want to let everyone know that neither of these assumptions is true. Recently, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) released their Existing Homes Sales Report. According to the report there are, on average, 12,109 homes selling in the United States EACH and EVERY DAY! That means that approximately 12,000 houses sold yesterday, approximately 12,000 will sell today and approximately 12,000 will sell tomorrow. So the thinking that homes aren’t selling just isn’t true.

Another interesting fact in the report was that 72% of these transactions were accompanied by a mortgage. That means that approximately 8,719 people qualify for a mortgage on a daily basis in this country.

There are over 12,000 homes sold and over 8,000 mortgages granted every day. The real estate market is doing better than many believe.

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Negative Equity Across the US. How does South Carolina Stack Up?

Map of Underwater Homes by State

The above map shows the percentage of homes with a mortgage in each state that are in a ‘negative equity’ situation meaning that the value of the home is less than the mortgage amount. Approximately 30% of the homes in the country don’t have a mortgage on them.

We have been very blessed in South Carolina with good job growth and a large number of individuals/companies relocating here.

Courtesy of KCM Blog

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South Carolina ranks third as top destination to relocate

Published Jan. 3, 2012

In 2011, South Carolina ranked third as the leading destination state for family relocations, according to the 44th annual Magnet States Report released by Allied Van Lines.

The Palmetto State had a net relocation gain — calculated by inbound moves minus outbound moves performed by Allied Van Lines — of 489 families for 2011. It trailed Texas and Florida, according to the report, which tracks U.S. migration patterns.

Texas, though, appears to be losing momentum, the report said. In 2009, Texas attracted nearly 2,000 families; in 2010, that number dropped to 1,640. Last year, the margin narrowed again as it reported a total net gain of 1,556.

Florida moved higher in the rankings with a net gain of 809 moves, capturing second place from last year’s title holder, Colorado.

Colorado trailed South Carolina with 462 relocations, followed by Oregon with 435 relocations.

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Happy New Year Greenville!

Although 2011 was a record breaking year for The Bachtel Team, we are excited about what 2012 holds. We look forward to helping our clients make wise decisions with the sale and/or purchase of real estate in the Upstate area of South Carolina.

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